About us

Swiss Financial Company & Trust AG provides corporate services in partnership with experts established in Switzerland. Swiss Financial Company & Trust AG assists entrepreneurs with the incorporation, the setting up, management and administration of Swiss and International entities. Swiss Financial Company & Trust AG is a company administration services provider in the field of Swiss and international companies. We offer a complete range of company management services including the registration of Swiss companies, the provision of registered office, general corporate administration and accounting services, provision of nominee shareholders, provision of directors.


Mr. Andrés Taracido is a Swiss Certified Expert for Finance and Investments (CIWM®) and a Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP). He leads Swiss Financial Company & Trust AG to assist worldwide entrepreneurs with Swiss entities formation, company management, company administration, portfolio management and financial advisory with over 15 years of experience.

Professional Associations:

SFAA, Member, Swiss Financial Analysts Association


AIWM, Member, Association of International Wealth Management


STEP, Member, Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners


IFA, Member, International Fiscal Association



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