Corporate services

Assistance in accessing Swiss corporate bond issues

If this is your situation:


    • You are an individual, a privately owned Swiss or foreign company with no or little experience in accessing capital markets.


    • You need to understand what market is best for you and you need to understand how to comply with national or international capital markets regulations and practices.


    • You are not clear about what should be your advisory team, how you could rely on it and what would be a realistic schedule and planning for your operation.


    • Your company financial statements were complicated due to a reorganization following a legal restructuring or to a change in accounting policy and you need to understand how to present it to investors.


    • You need knowledge and additional resources to plan, mount and control your Bond Issue Process or IPO – Stock Exchange Listing because your own resources and time will be scarce during the process of accessing capital markets.


    • You want to successfully prevent all the pitfalls of a bond issue or a listing on stock exchange, and successfully keep the timetable given for the operation.


  • You need help in understanding how to continuously comply with rules and regulations of capital markets, and to meet the expectations of your investors once your company goes public.